Friday, May 4, 2012

friday favorite!

Love this room by House of Honey. It has a great casual, modern feel... It totally makes me want to hang out in this room all day and snuggle with those big pillows (especially the furry one). Great artwork and I always love a vintage stool too.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

minimalist rooms that inspire

I do love my colors and patterns but there is definitely something to be said for a quiet, minimal space. Each accessory has a distinct purpose and texture is always a focus. Here are some minimalist spaces I find inspiring...

Starting it off with a little mid century guy... I like it. Soft white, wood tones and modern shape. I'm liking the horizontal lines portrayed from the art, down to the sofa then over to the media cabinet.

image via elle decor

Apparently this is Hillary Swanks abode. I love the light airy feel we get from the light scaled furniture and white walls. Then it is all grounded with super dark wood tones creating a super rich space.

image via elle decor

First off, I want to steal that little girl. Second, I think this dining room is awesome.... mostly because I really like those chairs. Would I like to see a light fixture hanging above?? yeah. This is a minimal post though...

image via lonny mag

The artwork takes center stage in this little space. They didn't get fussy with pillows and did a simple tone on tone damask. Would I like to see a fun geometric on there?? of course!!!

image via lonny mag

Now we have Kelly Hoppen, one of my favorite designers. Her spaces tend to be monochromatic and  tailored. She does such an amazing job at using architectural elements, great furniture pieces and texture to create amazing spaces. Here are a few of her spaces that are minimal and eye catching...

Honestly, I feel like that plant warms this space up.. and I want those chairs too.

image via metropolitan home

My eye immediately went to that amazing gold stool... this space is all about form (and that gold!!)

This might be a bit too simple for most. For me, I would want a rich, wood island to offset that white. But without that, this is an ultra modern kitchen that works!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

not your average doctor's office

I always love checking out apartment therapy's house tours. This super creative acupuncturist (is that a word?) designed his own spot, Poke Acupunctures, and it looks amazing. Having been dealing with healthcare interiors for the last year it is a breath of fresh air to see something different in that realm. This isn't a typical space for healthcare... it doesn't have the commercial carpet and chairs with the 90s'esque, nasty fabric. Or the ugly abstract art that kills me whenever I'm sitting in the waiting room. THIS office is what I want to see the next time I'm waiting for the impending doom of the stirrups. Give me plants and photos and books and good furniture!

Check this office out... There are more photos if you follow the link above. I just chose a few of my favs.

That chair and all of the interesting photos and fun stuff to look at would make a long wait not so bad.

I love how the space is filled to the brim with books and knick knacks. Just the fact that it is unexpected makes me love this space more than I would if it were an actual home.

The industrial shelving is a nice touch.

yay!!! limey walls! This is styled beautifully. Love the photography and the homie (or homey?) lamps.

Simple, rustic restroom that once again does not feel like a real doctor's office.

more curiosities to stare at...

all photos from

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

office envy

Working from home means that I can create my own comfy office. My little home office is about 10 square feet of my living room and can quickly creep into my entire living room. It gets a little stressful to try and keep home and work separate. I'm not good at it but trying desperately. Anyways... I tend to get office envy. Especially when people can devote a room to their office rather than just a little corner. Here is  Emily Henderson's (amazing stylist on HGTV) super awesome new home office. Major home office envy here...

If you followed this lady's blog you would know she is obsessed with blue and puts it everywhere... she's onto something. Looks super good. Although I need a ton more desk space than this, I just love the feeling of this room. It is super comfortable (check out that cozy, brown leather desk chair), eclectic with some whimsy (love the hand chair).

I love her use of accessories, art and plants.

That bronze object would not last on my desk but the idea of it is nice.


all photos from

planted store front

During my last trip up the coast to San Francisco I passed by The Candy Store Collective. They designed the front using native Californian plants... I have seen this done before but never on a storefront and the way they did it caught my eye. It wasn't just succulents... it was like full on bushes. It seems like a nice, inexpensive way to add a little something special to a building.They are just sort of sitting in a long canvas bag that is clipped closed. Easy breezy!  Unfortunately, they were closed so I couldn't get a look at their goods. The 2 dresses in the window were cute! Next time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

oopsy!! took a bit of a hiatus.

YIKES!!!! So I had a little bout of writer's block... I've decided that I gave myself too many rules. I know themes are good but I got caught up in the theme of each post then from there got a case of the writer's block. Ooopsy. So let's just say that some days I might just post a photo because I like it.. that way this won't happen to me again. It's like the gym... once you stop it's hard to get back on. With that being said... I just had a wonderful 31st birthday that I will always remember. My beau, Beau gave me this gorgeous necklace (that I happened to see and love and he went back and got it). It is from twig and willow in long beach.

Isn't it gorgeous? It's actually a bit more salmon than this. love it!

Here are a few others I liked when I checked out their website whilst writing this post:

I thought this was a sweet little delicate necklace. Who doesn't love a horseshoe for good luck?

Now I am a MAJOR sucker for malachite. This necklace NEEDS to be a present to myself for sure.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

target love affair

I'm tellin' ya... target is amazing. This is nothing new to any of us. I was just in a few days ago to look at what new goodies they have in the home goods department. They had some super fun accessories... loving the colors and patterns of this stuff.

Great turquoise and lime green ikat print.

This is a fun geometric floral pattern.

I love these glass candle holders.. great for hanging around the patio or put a few on the dining table.

Throw some white drum shades on these bad boys and you are good to go. I <3 yellow.

These are a bit small to use as an everyday hamper for me. Maybe they aren't even hampers.. who knows!! I just know that I love the texture and pattern... who cares about function right? jk jk jk

Here are a few other pillows I thought looked great. These could pass for pillows I saw at 5 times the price at a fancy designer showroom yesterday.